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To put it simply, we're different !

We're truly one of a kind. No one else offers you our type of free service. Our primary goal is to help you quickly and easily find the best properties that have the potential to meet your particular needs. We're one of the only companies on the web with access to almost every property that offers fully furnished accommodations and short-term leases. This puts us in a unique position to assist you in your search. Our system analyzes your request and matches it to potential suppliers, saving you time and trouble. With our help, you'll always have multiple choices from multiple suppliers. And with dozens of landlords competing for your business, you'll be assured of the best possible value.
We're fast becoming one of the net's largest and most useful sources of information on all types of short-term accommodations. Our list of resources includes everything from smaller, more "ordinary" type properties, to the finest high-end luxury apartment complexes, and just about everything in between. The smaller properties seem to appeal to those who are more budget conscious, as well as those who prefer the low-key feel of a smaller and quieter type residence. Others prefer the amenities and conveniences that typically come with a larger property, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, conference rooms, etc. We're constantly searching the market for inventory, carefully handpicking our units for quality and value. Most are in prime locations covering all the most popular areas & neighborhoods. We offer, by far, the broadest choice of high quality short-term housing solutions you'll find in the area.
If you have any questions or concerns that you feel haven't been addressed by our management staff, you can easily reach the heads of our company. To do so, simply send us an e-mail to the attention of Gary Messenger or Mary Messenger, and one of them will respond promptly.

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-----Original Message-----

From: Sandi [mailto:*****]
Subject: Re: Other Info

Thanks for the follow-up, and for the info! Will look into these!

Have tried other searches, and you are the most professional! Thanks!

-----Original Message-----

From: Uday
Subject: Re: we're trying again to follow up on the list of short-term rentals we sent you for your L.A./So. Calif. apartment search

hi gary,

i moved back to my country n so i didnt go with ur short term stay offers.. but i sure can say that u r doing very best service among all available in the region.. keep up the good work..

thanks & regards,

Subj: Re: hi Tim, need a bit more info please on your brother's rental search

From: Tim
To: Shortstayla

Hey Gary,

Brother never did rent -- turns out he stayed with friends until his daughter completed program at UCLA.

Nevertheless, I have mentioned you and your services to several brokers here in my office and real estate seminars in regard to short term solutions for big buck clients with escrow challenges. I will continue to do so as I appreciate the attention you provided me and my family.


Subj: RE: attn: Kyle re: your search for short term apartment rental

From: Kyle

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hi Gary,

The company I am going to work for is going to be adding a LOT of people in the year ahead, so I am adding YOUR services to the list of "highly recommended" in terms of how to relocate, etc. Your service is really fantastic, Gary. You run a business, but you also HELP people. You really took a LOT of stress off of me.... I lost my mom not long ago, then my job...landed a GREAT new job in Santa Monica, but I was worried about finding a good, comfortable place to stay for awhile down there. You helped me tremendously. So, as I run a business, but you also HELP people. You should be very proud of that!

I THANK you again and again.
BEST to you

From: David
Subject: Re: rented!


Great service! I had many responses and have signed a lease with "XXXX Apartments". A painless experience in an area often so fraut with pitfalls.

Thanks again

-----Original Message-----
From: Lee
Subject: RE: - Rental inquiry

I just wanted to thank you guys for your timely response. I made the request this morning and despite how things move around here...someone seems to be on the top of their "game." Thanks for being so professional and making my search a little easier through the links available. Thanks again for your promptness and professionalism. Look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Thanks Again.
Subj: RE: - Rental inquiry

From: *********
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Thanks So Much for the time you've taken to explain the cost of temporary housing. This helps me understand and put things in perspective. I will keep your information just in case I end up needing to go this route. I'm going to try a couple of other ideas first in hopes of finding something less expensive. It's good to know that I can come back and you have options if I need them, that in it's self is peace of mind.

Thanks once again for your time.

Subj: Follow-up to request
From: Gene
Hi Gary,

Thanks for providing such a great service... we plan on using you in the future. We wanted to let you know that this particular time we did not use your service because we re-signed with our current landlord in the 11th hour and didn't end-up moving. Otherwise, we would have glowing reviews of your company for potential landlords because your contact list and information was outstanding. We'll keep your website handy for future moves.

All the best,
Los Angeles
-----Original Message-----
From: Jim
Subject: eureka!

Thanks to your service I have found exactly what I was looking for while staying in Los Angeles. Mr. Crawford called the same day as my posting. I work in the film industry and travel is a way of life for us, as I'm sure you know. I will definitely refer myself and others to your service again. Thanks again.
-----Original Message-----
From: Luis
Subject: Re: hi Juan re: Pasadena apartment
Importance: High

Hi, Gary.

Yes, at last everything arranged. I have no words for thanking you your help in assisting me. Indeed, no words. It has been a pleasure dealing with such a professional and competent person.

Once more: Thanks.
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